Hello and welcome to my page

My name is Joe Meadows and I am an independent local musician which specialises in entertainment for private functions such as weddings, birthdays, party’s and other special occasions.

I am a guitarist, pianist and singer that uses state of the art technology to create music for all types of guest. I come with all my own equipment including a PA system, which I am also happy for it to be used for music during your event whilst I am not performing.

I play a variety of covers ranging across all music genres to best suit the audience. I enjoy taking well known and modern songs, and performing them with a “Joe Meadows Twist”. If I had to pick what genre my voice best suits, I would say acoustic and soul music.

What stands me out to other performers is that I am a flexible musician. I offer to learn and perform new songs on a guitar or Piano towards the hires request. Alongside my solo performance, for an additional cost, I can hire supporting musicians to accompany me and give the live entertainment a different feel.

Please see my “videos” page for a taster of my show reels- the list on the right are the songs I have previously played at events. Any questions please feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Song list